Susan uses mixed media and texture combined with acrylics, oils and resins to create fluid abstract pieces that live with movement and depth. Her work is derived from music and dance inspired from literature, myth and daily life. Rarely does a brush hit the canvas other than to add a detail or depth that finishes the voice of a piece.

Her work has grown from her beginning in extreme realism to abstract emotionalism. This allows her to capture the spirit of literal things or emotions as the energy in her abstract visualizations.

Her methodology can be summed up in her view, “My art it is not something I do, it is something I feel. Try to realize the feeling versus what object it is and let go.”

I have loved this artists work forever and finally we are the proud owners of a Susan Zbranek, Artist original!! I love how this turned out – it captures us perfectly with ocean vibes and flowing right to the lake. She does an amazing job with her talent, passion and craft. My photos don’t do it justice at all. Our little #lakelife condo is complete. #puppyphotobomb

Kerry Marquardt
Kerry Marquardt Painting

Oh my goodness! I’m so in love with this painting! … [husband] said this is the best gift he’s ever gotten – other than the babies!

Mindy K.

I just picked up my painting from Susan And I am absolutely in love with it. Susan is an amazing person and artist!

James Dudley Jr.

I am lucky enough to not only own one of Susan’s custom guitars, I am the proud owner of an amazing painting. This piece was so amazing my wife and I opted to redecorate our living room around it specifically. Could not be happier and look forward to getting more of her work on my walls soon.

Russ Kendrick

“Everybody deserves to experience the feeling of original art;
art that didn’t come off of a store shelf that has been reprinted 1000’s of times.”